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Blockchain development

Unlock the Sound of Opportunity

Raidar is music NFT minting app that is revolutionizing the way music enthusiasts discover, share, and monetize their musical creations.

Designed with music college students in mind, Raidar provides a dynamic platform for artists to showcase their talents, connect with like-minded peers.

This is a first of its kind product that will help to democratize the world of music by putting creators first and ensuring they are always rewarded and protected from exploitation for their original work.

George Howard, Distinguished Professor of Music Business at Berklee


Web3, NestJS, NextJS

Gamify real-world actions through digital collectibles (NFTs)

Tekuno is an innovative application revolutionizing the validation of real-world actions using digital collectibles known as NFTs.

Leveraging this cutting-edge technology, POD ensures the authenticity and security of real-world achievements and activities.

This is the most seamless experience I have ever had with a web3 app, and I have experimented with many, trust me.

Vlaho Hrdalo, Lawyer, Chairman of UBIK - Croatian Association for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency



Empowering Blockchain Connectivity: NEAR Protocol Integrates with Axelar for Cross-Chain Communication

Introducing a pioneering integration between NEAR Protocol and Axelar, a fusion of technology poised to transform the landscape of blockchain interoperability. This strategic collaboration is centered around the creation of a NEAR gateway, designed to enable seamless cross-chain communication with networks supported by Axelar.

It leverages the robust capabilities of NEAR Protocol and Axelars dedication to secure cross-chain interactions. The NEAR gateway, developed using Rust for its emphasis on safety and performance, stands as a testament to our commitment to enhancing blockchain connectivity and fostering a more interconnected ecosystem.



Transforming the Landscape of Web3 Development

With just a single line of code, DEV3 empowers developers to supercharge their blockchain projects, simplifying even the most complex aspects of Web3 app development.

DEV3 offers an all-in-one solution to manage smart contracts, frontends, and transaction processes, streamlining the development workflow for creators of all experience levels.

DEV3 is at the forefront of Web3 development, simplifying blockchain integration and bolstering security for creators. It offers practical solutions for seamless integration and enhanced protection.

Ivan Kardum, CEO of DEV3

We approached 4pto because we loved their past work. They delivered a great product and we are very happy with the results.


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