Case Study - Transforming the Landscape of Web3 Development

Introducing a pioneering integration between NEAR Protocol and Axelar, a fusion of technology poised to transform the landscape of blockchain interoperability. This strategic collaboration is centered around the creation of a NEAR gateway, designed to enable seamless cross-chain communication with networks supported by Axelar.



In the burgeoning realm of blockchain technology, the ability to communicate across disparate networks is a pivotal step towards a more interconnected and functional blockchain ecosystem. Axelar, a network dedicated to facilitating secure cross-chain communication, and NEAR Protocol, a platform focused on simplifying the development of decentralized applications, joined forces to tackle this challenge. The objective was clear: create a gateway to enable seamless cross-chain calls between NEAR and other networks supported by Axelar.

The primary aim was to design and implement a NEAR gateway, thereby nurturing a conducive environment for cross-chain interactions. This gateway would not only bolster the interoperability but also provide a robust foundation for developers and the community to build and innovate further.

Given the high-stakes environment of blockchain technology where a single error could have significant ramifications, the choice of Rust for writing the smart contract for the NEAR gateway was a calculated decision owing to its emphasis on safety and performance. The journey commenced with drafting the smart contract, which would serve as the cornerstone of the NEAR gateway. Following this, a comprehensive suite of tests was developed to ensure the gateway's functionality and robustness against a myriad of scenarios. Concurrently, a local development environment was set up to provide developers with a sandbox to innovate and build new products. To foster a sense of community and shared learning, examples were created and shared, illustrating the potential and the functionality of the NEAR gateway.

Writing the smart contract was the first critical step towards actualizing the NEAR gateway. The process was meticulous, ensuring every line of code adhered to the high standards requisite for blockchain development. Rust’s powerful performance and safety features proved to be instrumental in developing a smart contract capable of handling cross-chain calls efficiently.

A robust testing framework was established to scrutinize every facet of the smart contract, ensuring it operated as intended and was impervious to potential vulnerabilities. The tests were extensive, covering a wide array of scenarios to ascertain the reliability and security of the NEAR gateway.

The local development environment was crafted with a vision to empower developers. This environment provided a sandbox for developers to build, test, and refine their products, leveraging the capabilities of the NEAR gateway to explore cross-chain communication possibilities.

Community engagement was fostered by providing clear and practical examples. These examples served as a beacon, guiding the community on how to utilize the NEAR gateway for cross-chain interactions, thereby encouraging exploration and adoption.

The NEAR gateway implementation was a resounding stride towards bridging the chasm between NEAR and other blockchain networks through Axelar. The robust testing, coupled with the community-centric approach, not only enriched the developer experience but also nudged the blockchain community a step closer towards a more interconnected ecosystem.

What we did

  • Smart Contract (Rust)
  • Local Development Enviroment
  • Examples (Typescript)
  • Cross-chain Communication

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