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DEV3 is your gateway to seamlessly integrating industry-leading transaction processing, onboarding, security, and analytics into any Web3 application.



DEV3 is your gateway to seamlessly integrating industry-leading transaction processing, onboarding, security, and analytics into any Web3 application. With just a single line of code, DEV3 empowers developers to supercharge their blockchain projects, simplifying even the most complex aspects of Web3 app development.

Building blockchain applications has never been easier or safer. DEV3 offers an all-in-one solution to manage smart contracts, frontends, and transaction processes, streamlining the development workflow for creators of all experience levels. Whether you're a Web3 novice or a seasoned pro, DEV3 adapts to meet your specific needs.

One of DEV3's standout features is its exceptional Transaction User Experience (UX). By integrating the DEV3 SDK, your application gains the power of smooth and secure transaction processing. The DEV3 modal widget ensures that users have initialized blockchain wallets, sufficient gas for transactions, and a simple, straightforward process for signing and deploying transactions.

DEV3 is modular and highly customizable, enabling developers to pick and choose the functionalities they require. Its intuitive Smart Contract Management dashboard simplifies the handling of smart contracts, offering a centralized hub for multi-chain deployments, versioning, and auto-generated admin panels for connected smart contracts.

Safety is paramount in the world of Web3, and DEV3 takes this seriously. The platform actively tracks and alerts users to potential risks, such as exploited or scam contracts, ensuring that your community remains protected from dangerous transactions.

Beyond transaction processing, DEV3 offers a range of additional features to enhance your Web3 application. You can create custodial wallets through email, phone, and social logins, ensuring accessibility for all users. DEV3 facilitates easy KYC and AML verification, helping you stay compliant with automated registration workflows. Real-time chat support integration enhances customer interaction, while bank payments and credit card processing enable convenient onboarding of blockchain wallets. Plus, DEV3 empowers users to digitally sign legal documents when needed.

In summary, DEV3 is a game-changer in Web3 development, making blockchain integration accessible, secure, and user-friendly. Elevate your Web3 project with DEV3 and unlock the limitless potential of blockchain technology.

What we did

  • Blockchain
  • Smart Contract
  • Frontend (NextJS)
  • Backend (NestJS)
  • iOS
  • Android

DEV3 is at the forefront of Web3 development, simplifying blockchain integration and bolstering security for creators. It offers practical solutions for seamless integration and enhanced protection.

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