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Raidar is music NFT minting app that is revolutionizing the way music enthusiasts discover, share, and monetize their musical creations.

Blockchain development


Welcome to Raidar, the cutting-edge music NFT minting app that's revolutionizing the way music enthusiasts discover, share, and monetize their musical creations. Designed with music college students in mind, Raidar provides a dynamic platform for artists to showcase their talents, connect with like-minded peers, and sell licenses for their original compositions, all within a secure and seamless cryptocurrency-powered marketplace.

At the heart of Raidar lies a deep commitment to fostering a vibrant and inclusive music community. Our platform allows users to explore a rich and diverse selection of songs from exceptionally talented artists, providing a unique opportunity to support emerging musicians and unlock the potential of blockchain technology in the music industry.

Raidar seamlessly integrates with the NEAR protocol blockchain, ensuring the highest standards of security and transparency. Users can easily create and manage digital wallets, connect them to the app, and engage in a wide range of activities, including purchasing and selling song licenses, browsing an extensive catalog of music from various artists, accessing comprehensive documentation on the licensing process, and even crafting their albums and songs.

One of Raidar's standout features is its utilization of smart contracts, which streamlines and automates the licensing process, guaranteeing a fair and efficient experience for both artists and buyers. Our integrated marketplace provides a centralized hub where users can explore an extensive array of songs available for purchase, fostering a sense of community and collaboration among artists and music enthusiasts.

In summary, Raidar represents a groundbreaking convergence of music, blockchain technology, and community engagement. It empowers music college students and artists to amplify their talents, connect with a broader audience, and tap into the exciting world of NFTs. Join us on this musical journey, where innovation meets creativity, and the future of music awaits. Explore Raidar today and be a part of the transformative wave in the music industry.

What we did

  • Smart Contracts (Rust)
  • Backend (NestJS)
  • Frontend (NextJS)
  • AWS
  • NFT's

This is a first of its kind product that will help to democratize the world of music by putting creators first and ensuring they are always rewarded and protected from exploitation for their original work.

George Howard
Distinguished Professor of Music Business at Berklee

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